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Although I am LEFT foot dominant, I have always trained to be a 2-footed player. Here is one of my RIGHT footed shots on goal from a scrimmage in September 2014. Thanks for watching.



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    Name: Xavier Lawmaster
    Biography: About X... * I believe in the utility of being a two footed player and dedicate many hours of training to master this skill. * I can play any position, but I create the most IMPACT for my teams as a CENTER MIDFIELDER, WINGER and STRIKER. * My training has allowed me to become a set piece specialist for my teams. * I am a TEAM player and strive to make every team I play on the BEST it can be. * Two of my goals are to play professional soccer abroad and help our USMNT win multiple World Cups! As with many elite youth soccer players in the United States and abroad, I started kicking the ball around from a very young age and began playing organized soccer when I was 4yrs old. However, unlike many youth soccer players, my passion for the beautiful game continues to grow every day, fueling my desire to train hard and to always give my teams and coaches 110% as I continue to develop as a player. Currently playing club soccer in Arizona, U.S.A. Looking to join a professional academy team in U.S. or abroad. For more information please visit: http://www.xavierlawmaster.com/

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    • Hello my name is Prisca Pierre. I am 11 years old. I live in Staten Island Newyork. I can play any position, but I help my team the most by playing Striker and right forward. I can play with both feet right and left. I have trained for a year to master playing with both feet. One of my goals is to be the best soccer player I can be and to get a scholarship in soccer. Unlike other girl soccer players,my passion for the game continues to grow