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A drum & bass take on this track by Tegan and Sara.



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    Name: Jeremiah Johns
    Biography: With an extreme passion for creating and listening to music, jdub began studying his art form at the tender age of 5. More than 20 years later, in December 2012, jdub took his training, creativity and passion for music and began his career as a producer. On October 29, 2013, the hard-working jdub quantum leaped forward to making his dream a reality, and officially started his own label and released his very first EP entitled, "Hope and Despair." You can count on a continuous output of quality, original sound, and unique remixes as jdub ambitiously puts his tunes out there for his fans. "I love it when a song gives me chills," jdub admits, and consequently, his approach to making music is crafting sounds that are in kind. Listen, and allow jdub to share his world with you through music.

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