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I can impersonate people from the past!



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    Name: Richard Gumm
    Biography: Richard Gumm, from BBC1's 'Don't Tell The Bride'. YouTube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCESJ4GfQfNBfH3yiH_Qo5Ow I'm an actor and re-enactor and have also appeared as a Walk-On or Supporting Artist in BBC 1 series 'Doctors' and 'The Village', Channel Five 'Suspects', 'Banana' for E4, 'Marvellous' for BBC 2, 'Nazi Death Camp Great Escape for National Geographic & 2 films all in the last 12 months. Able to impersonate historical characters such as Winston Churchill or Neville Chamberlain. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCESJ4GfQfNBfH3yiH_Qo5Ow Able to do voice overs and British regional accents plus international English accents e.g. South African.

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