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AS LONG AS YOU’RE MINE from Wicked cover. One of my favorite songs from one of the best musicals to hit the stage. Wicked is definitely one of my top 5 musicals! And because of my addiction to the musical, I found this awesome dude on youtube by the name of Colton Rudolff and as you listen, you’ll find out how insanely talented this guy is, SUPERB VOCALS! What a talent indeed and his voice alone managed to make my amateur vocals sound somewhat tolerable to listen to! :)Did this out of fun and out of my love for Wicked. I don’t mean to offend nor insult anyone in the process. Just for FUN! btw, Colton Rudolff is AMAZIIIINGGG!



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    Name: Kia Lacambacal
    Biography: I am an ARTIST with a PURPOSE. I LOVE singing, acting, writing and music. Musicals has so much depth for me, it's more than a show, it's a wonderful world where I see myself living in. A world where possibilities are endless. I absolutely LOVE musical theater, I feel like the real alternate universe is musical theater where people sing instead of talk and dance instead of walk. If I get a chance to be a part of a musical theater production, I would grab it in a heartbeat. I'm passionate, driven and I love embracing the child inside me. I just love acting silly and goofy all the time. I see myself as a big kid who loves to play, and musical theater is my playground.

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