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Name: LEAP Sweden
Biography: LEAP started to take form 2011 when two old friends started talking about starting a band together. About that time it was just Tobhias Ljung ( The Bereaved , LFY ex Bibleblack ) and Kari Kallunki ( ex Great Rush ) rehearsing in an old barn dreaming of being on stage , playing rock`n roll and making plans for the future. Then these years past and Kari moved back to the city and we put together a band and started playing... But there was something not quite right so it went out in the sand.. Then another friend called ( Emil Gustavsson ) and said he had a project at school and wanted to make two songs with me and said yes. And there was the begining of this band. So I recorded the songs and took Kari and Emil onboard. Soon after that we recrutied Mahrcus Ljung (Tobhias Little Brother) to play the bass guitar and David Hultman to play the drums. So in the end of 2012 we had recorded two songs and mixed and mastered and started to make more songs. Its a mix of 80´s melodic rock n roll with a modern touch. In 2015 we have managed to release one mini-album called "Midnight Rush" December 2013 https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/midnight-rush/id875835977 and in the end of May/June 2015, we´ll release our first full lenght album.