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i am a rap artist and producer


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    Name: coleman strickland Life Of Crime
    Biography: Modal_close_icon Coleman Strickland is a thirty-nine year old rap artist from Detroit, MI. After preforming in talent shows all of his life, he decided in 1999 to become a songwriter like his influences; Scarface, Devin the Dude, and Fiend. Thanks to his close relationship with the streets it wasn’t hard for him to connect with audiences with the very first listen. His songs have been receiving a lot of accolades from those that understand that what he stands for is rarely seen. A songwriter of instinct, Coleman has a flair for producing music that leaves the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. He uses life as inspiration, the booth his canvas and the mic his brush. It is this versatility that has landed his songs on top of the hip-hop charts in 2012, which landed him a distribution deal. Currently he’s working on the record label Leneage Records that he owns and that made the industry take a second look at him. Rap music is not a new passion however: after quitting for three years, Coleman started writing songs again after he realized that he could no longer ignore his true his calling. His mother introduced him to music and the streets fine-tuned him. He decided then to make music his life dream. For the next several years however, life took him through many challenges. Charged with a felony and the birth of his third child made him put his priorities in order. Now back to his musical grind, Coleman is splitting his time between earning his bachelor in Arts and spending plenty of time in the studio where he writes all his own material. He hopes to release a new album by 2013. Based on the reception of his latest stats from sites like Spotify Radio, and ITunes the future looks promising!

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